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Hide and seek

Trains and sewing machines

Vaughnee, age 22. I love meeting new people, seeing new places, and doing new things. I write fanfiction for Tokio Hotel, Inception, and for Les Twins, who need a fandom--the start of which you'll find at lestwins_daily, for which I'm a maintainer (*shameless plug*).

If you've come for the fic, I'm afraid you won't find it. All of my fics are slowly being added to my fiction journal. This journal is strictly fangirling, musings and possibly over-sharing about my life, diatribes about college, derping it up like a boss, etc. etc. etc. If you're interested in that, well then, you've come to the right place! ;)

My fiction/fanfiction journal: vee_stories
Les Twins fansite: lestwins_daily

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